(1) Maintenance summary

aForklifts need regular inspection and maintenance to keep them in good condition; Some key safety parts should be replaced regularly as required.

bWhen replacing or refueling with genuine parts of our company, do not use different types of oil.

cIf any damage or malfunction is found, it should be reported to the management personnel and it is forbidden to use the forklift before repairing.

dIt is forbidden to repair forklifts without training and qualified.

(2)Starting essentials

aThe amount of hydraulic oil: the oil level should be in the middle of the scale of the oil level gauge.

bCheck the pipes, joints, pumps and valves for leaks and damage.

cCheck the service brake: the idle stroke of the brake pedal should be 40mm, and the gap between the front floor and the pedal should be greater than 20mm.

dCheck the function of the hand brake: when the hand brake handle is pulled to the end, it should be braked on the specified ramp (no load).

eInstruments and lighting fixtures, etc.: Check whether the instruments, lighting, wiring heads, switches and electrical circuits are working properly.

(3)Battery pack charging

aWhen the battery pack is charged for the first time and supplementary charging, strictly abide by the battery manual;

bWhen the forklift is working, when the battery voltage drops to 40V (or the capacity value drops below 30%), or any single battery voltage drops below 1.7V, or the instrument alarms, the forklift should stop working immediately.

It can be used only after charging or replacing the battery pack.

cWhen charging, check the proportion, liquid level and temperature of the electrolyte at any time.

dAfter the forklift is used, the battery must be charged as soon as possible, and the storage time shall not over 24 hours. When charging, it is necessary to prevent undercharging and overcharging to avoid damage to the battery.

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Daily Maintenance of Electric Forklifts
Time : 2022/05/24


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